Website Design Package

Website design from an artistic perspective

If only given 15 minutes to browse content online, 66% of people would prefer to look at something well designed. Your website’s design is an extremely important part of your online presence, reputation and marketing success.

Website Development Questionaire

This questionnaire is designed to help identify exactly what content we are needing to include when developing your website and how to divide that content into pages on your site. This will include multiple questions about each page of your website.

Personalized Brand Guide + Color Palette

A brand guide is a set of rules that your company will follow when creating anything that will represent it. This will be based on the questionnaire and moodboard we created in the starting phases of this process. This brand guide will include things like your brand’s mission, vision, values, mood, voice, color codes, logo, typography, etc. This brand guide will be something that you, and anyone you work with will be able to refer back to and ensure that they are staying “on-brand” at all times. I will base the development of your website off if this

Targetted SEO

Includes keyword and market content research. I will also get you set up with Google Analytics and get you set up with Google after we launch the site. (add on: Google Ads set up)

Custom Contact Form

This will be tailored towards your business and designed to collect all the important details relating to the client filling out the form

Mood Board Collaboration

Before the design process starts, I will get you to create a pinterest board of branding, designs, photos, etc that you like (which relate to your brand). This will help me to develop an idea of your general style.

Wix Account and Domain Setup

I will start an account with Wix which will be the host of your new site. I will be designing your account from this account and you will have access to it during and after the process. I will also get your website connected your domain name. *additional fees will apply for your wix membership and domain name.

Up to 5 Custom Website Pages

This will include your home page and any other pages you might want like, contact pages, blog page, an about page, etc. 

Add-on: extra pages, copyrighting

Mobile Site

Your website will be designed to be view on a desktop as well as a mobile device making sure your website is a great representation of your business no matter how the client chooses to access it.

Optional Add-ons

Additional Custom Designs or Artwork, Legal pages, eCommerce Design & Development, Additional Page Designs, Additional Custom Forms or Questionnaires, Additional Portfolio Galleries, Video or Motion Graphic Work, Product Display Design, Icons

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