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Your brand is not only your client’s first impression of you, it also tells them what to expect from your products or service.


My branding packages are designed to provide you with the perfect visual and online foundation to launch the business you’ve been dreaming of and attract your ideal clientele. My branding packages include custom artwork, a branding guide, a logo and more! 

Branding with custom art

Art + Brand Identity Design 

Brand Identity Questionnaire

Before I am able to start conceptualizing brand color pallets, fitting fonts, logos, themes, etc I always start with getting to know the brand I will be materializing. I like to start with pretty broad questions to get the general idea of the brand all around like,“What does your business do?”  “Who is your ideal client?” “What are your main goals with this company?” “What are some examples of brands you admire?”. With this questionnaire I am able tto see much clearer exactly the direction I should take when I begin creating your branding.

Mood Board Collaboration

Before the design process starts, I will get you to create a pinterest board of branding, designs, photos, etc that you like (which relate to your brand). This will help me to develop an idea of your general style.

Clients will be given up to 2 custom logo designs to choose from that fit their company’s branding.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

A secondary logo is used for instances where the primary logo wouldnt be as visually appealing. For example, brands will often use a secondary logo for things like clothing or other merchandise where a more simple logo (a symbol or just text) would look be more presentable.

Custom Artwork

This package includes three custom artworks tailored to your brand. These artworks can be used for social media content, advertisments/promotionsPinterest posts, instagram highlight icons, etc.

Optional Add on: more artworks

3 sets of targetted hashtags that you will be able to copy and paste onto each social media post in order to reach your target audience and grow organically.

Hashtag Sets

JPG files in the correct sizing to be uploaded as your cover and profile photos

Social Media Profile and Cover Photo

Personalized Brand Guide + Color Palette

A brand guide is a set of rules that your company will follow when creating anything that will represent it. This will be based on the questionnaire and moodboard we created in the starting phases of our branding process. This brand guide will include things like your brand’s mission, vision, values, mood, voice, color codes, logo, typography, etc. This brand guide will be something that you, and anyone you work with will be able to refer back to and ensure that they are staying “on-brand” at all times.

I will be available throughout the process to discuss ideas, the progress and address any questions you might have while we work to create the brand you have been dreaming of

Support and Orientation

Business Card Design

Business cards do not only hold contact details, they are also an incredible opportunity to display your company’s voice with something that your client can hold in their hand. Design elements like color, use of space, typography and logo are extremely important when designing a business card that will represent you and your goals well.

Optional Add-ons

Logo, Custom Artwork, Instagram highlight icons, Instagram Templates, Social media start up, Basic marketing set up and ads, Custom illustrations, Additional logos, Sticker Package, Social Media Design Templates, Motion Graphics